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Commercial flights may be cheap and accessible, but they leave much to be desired. Anyone who has ever flown will know the challenges that passengers face. These range from minor inconveniences to major traumatic experiences. If you are looking for an alternative, then consider air charter flight. It will surely change the way you view long-distance travel. By hiring a private chartered plane, you will get the following enviable perks:

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1. Set Your Flight Schedule

With commercial flights, you are bound by the schedules created by the airline companies. You are just another person who fills up available seats in their eyes. If your preferred time and date are not available, then you have no choice but to make personal adjustments. In contrast, private chartered plane operators are there to do your bidding. Tell the operator when you want to fly, and the plane will be ready on the dot. The plane and the crew adjust to you.

2. Use Private Airports

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The big jet planes that carry hundreds of passengers are compatible with only a small number of airports. They require wider runways, bigger hangars, more sophisticated equipment, and other regulatory constraints. This severely limits their points of departure and arrival. Private chartered plane options have no such issues as private airports abound. They can take off and land from a much greater number of locations. This makes them more accessible to clients who need to travel right away. People can also disembark closer to their actual destination.

3. Enjoy Comfortable Flights

The goal of commercial carriers is to cram as many people as possible into a plane so they can recoup their expenses and make a nice profit. This often leads to chaos from the airport to the aircraft. You will have to deal with crying babies, loud groups, and annoying seatmates. These can ruin even the best-laid plans. By taking a private flight, you can say goodbye to all of those headaches. You can pick your preferred seat and do whatever you want on the plane without disturbance. You can read, eat, watch, call, or work whenever you want.

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4. Reduce Airport Stress

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It is rare for commercial flights to get full. Airlines ask passengers to check-in hours in advance of the departure time not only to avoid delays but also to sell the extra seats after the cut-off time. If you arrive late, then you will no longer be allowed to fly, and another person will take your slot. This can cause a lot of stress, especially when there is heavy traffic. Flights can even be canceled or delayed without warning. Luggage can be lost, and the staff can be unhelpful. These won’t happen in chartered flights as there are no long lines, deadlines, or careless personnel.

5. Craft Your Own Menu

The food in commercial flights vary widely in terms of quality. Meals may not even be served on cheap flights since their margins are so low. You will have to buy everything, including water and snacks. Some carriers put commendable effort into food preparation, but these are few and far between. With chartered flights, there is no need to worry about food. You can make special requests about what you wish to include on the menu.

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6. Save Time

People who value their time should consider chartered flights as they can take direct routes instead of wasting hours waiting for connecting commercial flights. They don’t have to arrive too early or wait the whole day in long lines. They can even land near their intended destination, which should cut down on land travel. When there’s an emergency, it’s clear that air charter is the better option.

7. Select Your Travel Companions

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Some flights can take half a day or even more. If you don’t like the thought of spending all those hours too close with total strangers, then use charter flights so you can take your friends, family, or colleagues with you. You will have the power to select your companions instead of being forced to endure unfamiliar persons. This should also help you maintain your privacy as you travel.

8. Generous Baggage Allowance

Commercial flights need to divide precious cargo space among many passengers. This results in severely limited baggage allowance for each individual. This is barely enough for regular travelers. Many pay lots of money to increase their baggage allowance. In air charter flights, this will not be a problem. You are given generous space to stash your baggage and equipment. This makes it extremely popular for musicians who bring lots of instruments and elite athletes who take plenty of gear. Many charter companies will even let their passengers take their pets aboard the plane. With a doubt, this is the most convenient way to travel.

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