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Private Air Charters to JFK Airport, New York

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JFK Airport

John F. Kennedy International Airport is located in Queens, New York. This airport is the primary international airport serving New York City and all surrounding areas. We are pleased to be able to offer private air charter connection flights from points within New England to JFK for our clients.

JFK airport was built in the 1940s. It was originally meant to be a supplement to LaGuardia Airport. However, today, it is New York's largest airport. It was originally opened as New York International Airport, Anderson Field in 1948. In 1963, it was renamed in honor of President Kennedy, a month after he was assassinated.

This is New York's busiest transportation hub and consequently, many travelers find navigating JFK as a challenging task. Here is a breakdown of the terminals in JFK.

  • JFK Terminal 1: Lufthansa, Air France, Japan Airlines, and Korean Air Lines are located in this terminal.
  • JFK Terminal 2 is exclusively operated by Delta Air Lines and has two levels: Arrivals and Departures.
  • JFK Terminal 3 used to house Pan American World Airways. As this airline was slowly phased, the terminal was demolished in 2013.
  • JFK Terminal 4 is known as the single-greatest terminal in JFK. This terminal handles a wide number of international and domestic flights.
  • JFK Terminal 5 is the home for Jet Blue.
  • JFK Terminal 6 was demolished in 2011.
  • JFK Terminal 7 houses British Airways. This terminal will undergo changes as part of the new redevelopment. The renovated terminal will be operated by JetBlue. Additionally, there are plans to make this an international terminal complex.