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Private Air Charters to The Hamptons, Long Island, New York

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The Hamptons, New York

When people are interested in having a vacation that is filled with excitement and adventure, they will want to visit the Hamptons. The Hamptons have everything that people want to make sure that they can enjoy themselves to the fullest. Since there are plenty of things to do and see, they will be very busy taking in all of the sights.

In Southhampton, people will find some of the most expensive homes in the country. The average home will go for $8,000,000. Of course, throughout the other smaller villages in the Hamptons, the prices are a lot lower. People love living in the area because it is far enough from New York City but close enough for a visit to the fantastic city that never sleeps. And, with our private air charter service, we can have you there in a flash! It is safe for people to raise their families and it also offers them the beauty of the ocean.

Many movie stars have their summer homes in the region because they love what they have available to them at all times of the year.

When people plan their visit to this area, many of them take a tour so that they can get to as many places as they can in a short period of time. There are so many things for people to see and do in the Hamptons. Here are just some of them that they will enjoy:

Water Activities

The beaches are awesome in the Hamptons. There are many of them all along the Atlantic Ocean shoreline. People can take part in a variety of water activities like swimming, surfing, boating, and a lot more. Both the younger and older generations enjoy the times that they can spend on the beaches of the Hamptons.

Dining Is Unbelievable

People will find that they will have their choice of fine eateries to tantalize their taste buds. They will be able to pick from Italian, American, Chinese, and a variety of other types of dining facilities when they are hungry.

Nightlife Is A Blast

For those that like to kick it up for the night, they will love the opportunities that they have in the Hamptons. Some parties at the beach last until the early hours of the morning for a lot of fun.


Private golf courses are something that people love about the Hamptons. They will be able to play at the National Golf Links of America, the Sebonack Golf Club, and the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club.


The Southampton Arts Center and the Southampton Cultural Center are places that vacationers love to visit. They will also find that the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center in East Hampton will offer them a great cultural experience. People are also able to take part in the events at the Parrish Art Museum and the Watermill Center.

Special Events

Although there is plenty to do and see during the spring, summer, and fall months, people also visit the area during the winter. That is because there are special events that happen all year long. They will enjoy parades, picnics, parties and the like to note holidays and special occasions.

History of The Hamptons, Long Island, NY

Up until the late nineteenth century, the area was a potato ground and a farming community that was transformed into a popular vacation destination. It has become known for its sophisticated visitors and a place that has a lot to offer. Filled with a lot of wonderful villages, the Hamptons are for many people, a paradise to take part in.

Visiting the Hamptons will be a trip that people will always remember. Their trip will be filled with lots of wonderful memories. Once they have been to the Hamptons, they really love it and they want to visit again and again.