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Block Island, Rhode Island

Located 9 miles south of mainland Rhode Island and 14 miles east of Montauk Point is Block Island. It occupies an area of 9.734 square miles and has a ZIP code of 02807. The Island is part of Washington County and shares the same locality as New Shoreham town. The Nature Conservancy added Block Island among "The Last Great Places" consisting of 12 sites in the western hemisphere, with 40% of the Island being secluded for conservation. It’s a coastal archipelago and forms the Outer Lands region.

Block Island boasts having 17 miles of pristine sandy beaches in its inventory, and are protected by spectacular bluffs and lighthouses encapsulated with winding paths and rolling roads. When it comes to harbors and boating, the Island has two full-scale harbors, the New harbor, and the Old Harbor, with various marinas to meet any would-be boater’s desires.

The best way you can really get in tune with the Island is by booking a bike tour where you will get to explore all the various sites this paradise has to offer. It's truly the perfect destination for a wedding get-away or vacation as you lavish in the grand hotels and stargaze the night sky.

Things To Do In Block Island

See Mohegan Bluffs

These bluffs are among Block Island’s most celebrated natural wonders, named after the 1590 indigenous battle between Niantic tribes and the Mohegan. This was when Mohegans tried invading Block Island, and the natives were having none of that, which saw them drive their combatants over the bluffs. They are basically 150-foot clay cliffs located on the southeast side of Block Island.

As you descend the 140 steps wooden staircase, brace yourself for a mesmerizing Atlantic Ocean view that’s simply unforgettable. At the bottom, there’s a secluded beach location at Corn Cove. On a clear day, the vistas atop the bluffs extend all through to Long Island and Montauk. Access is granted to visitors from dusk till dawn with swimming, sunbathing, dog-walking, and surfing among the popular activities done.

Ballard’s Beach

Ballard’s Beach is among Block Island’s premier civic entertainment hotspot center and outdoor destination, setting up a beach party vibe that’s complete with popular visitor amenities. It is open to the general public and can be accessed through the upscale Ballard’s Beach restaurant, which provides a New England-style in an oceanfront dining atmosphere.

There are King, Queen, and deluxe rooms provided at Ballard’s Hotel and offer ocean, beach, and boardwalk vistas from each room. Beach visitors can take a breather and enjoy craft beer, wine, and cocktails from the tiki bars outside the resort.

The Ice Cream Place

This place has been open for over 35 years and is a premier Block Island ice cream parlor. The parlor sources its frozen yogurt flavors and ice cream from five different dairies with over 40 flavors to select from and more than 60 varieties. The parlor also serves butterscotch sauces and hot fudge. There is also a wide range of homemade baked goods you can take home.

History of Block Island

In the year 1614, a Dutch explorer called Adrian Block sailed here and named the Island after himself. Block Island was the name, but it wasn’t until 1661 that it was finally settled on. During the revolutionary war between 1775 to 1783, the Block Islanders lit fires on Beacon Hill to warn that an enemy was inbound. By the 1800s, an observatory was constructed on the highest point of the Island, which is Beacon Hill. It is 211 feet above sea level but is currently a private residence.

The federal government built the first lighthouse in 1829 on Sandy Point. The Spring House Hotel was constructed in 1854 and is the oldest on the Island and still open to date. In 1870, the government started constructing the breakwater in Old Harbor and was finished in 1873. In 1873, the Southeast Light on the 150 feet cliffs was built. It averaged a cost of $75,000. To evade the eroding buffs, the Southeast Light was moved 200 feet back in 1993. Back then, it was the largest structure moved in one piece. At the center of town, there’s a statue of Rebecca erected in 1896 by Women’s Christian Temperance Union. In 1950, The State Airport in Block Island was launched for use. To preserve the land, the Block Island Conservancy was established in 1971.