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If you’ve reached the point where you’re wondering if it’s worth your while to fly on a private jet (private air charter) as opposed to purchasing first-class tickets on a commercial airliner, then you definitely want to do some in-depth research. Obviously, a private air charter is not for everyone, but neither are first-class plane tickets. In this article, we discuss some of the advantages of flying private vs. flying first class.

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Private Charters Offer The Luxury Of Added Comfort

There’s no denying, flying first class is certainly a big upgrade from coach or even business class. You’ll have wider seats, more legroom, better food and top-notch service from flight attendants as well as more perks, including special check-in and boarding that’s designated just for first-class passengers. However, when you rent a private jet, you’ll have more than just great service and more room for added comfort, but you’ll also be able to create a flying experience that’s just right for you and your group.

With a private air charter flight, you’ll usually be able to choose special meals if you prefer as well as specific drinks to have on board. You’ll generally be able to arrange just about any number of other personalized touches that typically wouldn’t be available on a commercial flight, even if you’re flying first class.

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Private Charter Plane Vs. Commercial First Class: Comparing Costs

The cost of air travel is typically not cheap, especially when comparing first-class commercial flights with the cost of a private air charter; however, it is important to consider all aspects of flight costs when comparing the two options. While a first-class seat on a commercial aircraft will almost always be cheaper than the cost of a private charter flight, there are times when a charter can be a better value.

For example, if there are several people in your group, first-class tickets can quickly add up and the higher your ticket costs, the closer you come to what a charter flight will cost. Keep in mind, on a commercial flight, you will be purchasing on a seat by seat basis whereas renting a private charter means you’re renting the whole plane.

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Other Considerations For Flying Private vs. Flying First Class

There’s certainly money involved in either option, but your overall costs are not just monetary.

  • Time:
    • When you choose a private charter flight, you’ll often save a great deal of time, which is often a very important commodity for today’s business travelers.
    • Additionally, you’ll be able to avoid long check-in lines, security lines, and even waiting at the gate for your flight to be ready for boarding.
    • With a private air charter, you’ll also be able to save time when you can fly into smaller airports that place you closer to your final destination. This can save travel time from the airport to your meeting site.
    • When comparing your options of flying private vs. flying first class, pay attention to the cost of time you’ll need to invest in your flight as well as pre-flight and post-flight time that is wasted.
  • Amenities:
    • Flying first class certainly offers some added benefits, but a private charter flight is able to provide amenities that many airlines simply are not able to beat. For example, imagine being able to bring your golf clubs, presentation materials, bulky materials or samples you need for your meeting, or even extra luggage; whatever it is you need, you’ll likely be able to take it with you on a charter flight.
    • You’ll have access to cocktails, appetizers, movies of your choice, or even to have the lights turned down for a little rest before arriving at your destination. A charter flight will definitely provide far more options for customizing your flying experience, making it far more enjoyable for you and your group.
  • Flexibility:
    • There’s nothing like adding a bit of flexibility to your travel schedule. Traveling from one place to another is often fraught with plenty of anxiety and frustration, but when you choose a charter flight, you can usually avoid many of the pitfalls that come with commercial flying. For example, a commercial flight will have specific schedules for when they take off as well as when they land.
    • These flights are generally routed from the most popular airports and can even have stopovers at other airports along the way. However, with charter flights, you can usually schedule your flights when it is most convenient for you and you often have far more options when it comes to which airport you’ll be flying out of or into. This adds plenty of flexibility to your already hectic business schedule.
  • Reliability:
    • Anyone who has spent even a modest amount of time flying with commercial carriers knows that flight cancellations and delays are commonplace. This can mean a missed meeting or having to postpone an important presentation because of last-minute problems with your flight. When you want the most reliable flying experience, a private air charter flight is often the best option.
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